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Thank you John Bosher, Quinno’s Quick Snaps and Trent Duvall for the use of your awesome photos.

This site was last updated on the 20/5/20

Welcome to the Australian APBA website.

The A.P.B.A. is a not for profit organization which exists to control, govern and administer, formulate and enforce all racing and safety rules throughout Australia for Competition between powerboats.

It is an "association of associations", the affiliated member clubs are members of their respective State Councils, each with its own constitution. The six states plus the Offshore Council  collectively form the National Council.

Members of the National Executive are appointed annually by the states. Changes to the racing and safety rules are also voted on at the (July) annual meeting by the states and clubs.

It is internationally affiliated with the UIM, the world controlling body of the sport.

If you find information about your state that is out of date or incorrect, please contact your State Council, so they may inform the National Secretary and have it changed.

Club's, Owners and Drivers: What do you want to see here? Send any information via your State Council, and we will do our best to see it  up here.

We recommend you check individual club web sites to confirm race dates, classes etc.

Dates on this site are those advised to the APBA many months in advance. Except for allocated championship events, we have no information on what classes will be at any event.

Recent Updates

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April 2020,

To all the Power Boat Racing Community,

Looking at the various State Government directives, as well as the Commonwealth statements via the Prime Minister and health.gov.au, we believe we have no option than to suspend all powerboat racing until the end of May 2020.

The various government and health department policies are designed to reduce contact via crowds and physical contact and slow the rate of the spread of the disease.

Some sporting organisations have put a one-month hold on activities and sporting events to meet the bans. Football, Basketball and other sports playing to empty stadiums works for those sports, as public can be prevented from entering stadiums. With our sport we cannot continue racing, as the public can simply turn up and watch. This is not a good image for the sport and could be seen as being irresponsible in this current situation.

The suspension of racing until the end of May may need to be re assessed and an extension may be necessary. This will be reviewed as Government and Medical guidelines are continually updated.

We suggest the end of May at this stage. Clubs with events beyond the beginning of June will need to consider their current position and possibly assume that a further suspension will be necessary.

The National Executives

Australian Power Boat Association